Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolution 2012

Putting this out there so that I cannot wimp out and continue to live in chaos...  I am joining the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home.  I like the idea that I will get an email each week with the challenge for the week; plus it means that I have 7 days to complete the task.  There is a master list that I have skimmed, but I kind of like the idea of waiting for the emails to see what I will need to tackle.  {This fits, as I never find out the gender of my baby while pregnant or open Christmas gifts early} - I suppose that I enjoy the element of anticipation and surprise.  So some weeks I'll cheat and check, but other times I will wait with baited breath to see what I must tackle for the upcoming week.  

This whole house was attacked in a thorough manner in October, but for some reason the past 2 months have taken their toll - perhaps due to:
  • end of a pregnancy taking a mental and physical toll on the mother
  • said mother's need of creative output (spending too much time at the sewing machine - so shoot me - I sew instead of scrub)!
  • arrival of a precious honey requiring above person to spend hours bow-bowing on her chair completely smitten with our baby girl (no, I do not have stump bum from sitting so much - must be for some other reason).
  • maybe because the big kids know that I am not moving too far off my chair and therefore do not feel the need to actually complete or start tasks given to them.
  • a lack of actual caring from me that has result from all of the above.
52 Week Organized Home Challenge

But this will all change, because I am going to get a handle on this house - I have some great systems in place for the school paper clutter - counter top filing system, magnets for each school kid on the fridge {We all need to just make sure that they are used consistently by all parties}.
I have some semblance of a system set up for our household bills/papers, but I need to make sure that I actually use those systems - it is so easy to just let things go and then become buried in needless work when it comes time to pay the piper.  Also the family info binder and 'Mom's Planner' need to be kept up better, because they sure make my life easier with they are functioning properly.
Then there is the other things that I am not so great at keeping track of - weekly cleaning schedules, meal planning, master to do lists, projects for the house.  {Many of these are part of my planner binder - I just need to figure out exactly when and how to keep it all up to date}

This is my 2012 New Years Resolution:  By the end of 2012, this house will be more organized and functional to the lifestyle of this household.
Oh and the standard I will lose 25(ish) pounds as well! - what about you, do you have any grand plans for 2012?
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