Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reflections on 31 Day Project

Deep breath, sigh of relief - honestly I was unsure of my ability to do a series that required blogging every day... let alone one that also required cleaning and organizing.  I have learned many things.

About Blogging every day for a month straight on a specific subject:

  • Even the best laid plans are hard to follow
  • Vague ones are tossed out the window on Day 3
  • Pre-planning and scheduling posts are a good idea {at least for this type of project}
  • Staying ahead of what you are supposed to blog about is helpful
  • Getting behind leads to postponed (or very late) posts {Day 17}

About myself:
  • not naturally an organized person
  • like the motivation I had last month
  • able to focus on what needed to happen and let the rest fall as it may
  • thrive on the order I have worked to create
  • happy about the systems, tools, tricks, additions that I have included that have made my life easier
  • crave time for a stress outlet - creative or exercise {these 2 things are the most beneficial and helpful for me in relieving stress}
  • happiest room transformation: my bedroom closet {craft storage area}!
  • looking forward to getting back to posting about more crafty things, less organizing

About keeping a house organized what there are 7 others that do not care:
  • difficult
  • impossible without daily maintenance
  • requires telling and re-telling of the SAME simple instructions multiple times in a week {or day, hour, minute...}
Those thoughts being revealed, I will say that please do not come knocking thinking that you will see a spectacular display of organization and efficiency.  I have in the past month been in every room in this house creating order and efficiency, but as I moved to the next room I had little copper kings following behind me creating less order.  Basically in order to complete the 31 Days to a Place for Everything and Everything in its Place, I had to let some of the daily things go.

This week we are back to:
  • Normal dishes rotations
  • Job charts
  • Computer time monitoring
  • Cleaning schedules for me
  • Completing laundry (washed, dried, folded, and put away)
And on a final note, if I ever choose to participate in this type of daily blogging, I will plan a bit farther in advance.  Take photos and schedule posts.  Typically I enjoy the off the cuff type of blogging, but with a project of this magnitude plans and schedules are necessary.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and process leading to a more organized home.
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