Saturday, November 26, 2011

Owl Taggies {Pinned Projects}

Oh for the love of Pinterest!  I have spent hours of my life that I can never get back perusing that site.  To justify the hours spent browsing other people's creativity, I think that it has actually been a great addition to my life.  I have implemented several of the organizing strategies into my household and it has inspired me to get moving through my stash of fabrics.
{These are my take on the pin below}
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I created my own pattern, but cannot claim to be the first parson to come up with this idea, but I will say that I love the design of my owls; I am just partial to creating my own spin on things.
Boy Owl Detail
This was one of my first attempts at applique - It is such a fun way to embellish a project or in this case incorporate it into the design of the object.  I hope to add much more in my future crafty endeavors.
{Girl Owl Detail}
Seeing as how I did not find out the gender of this baby, I could use one of these for my own little bundle.  The other will likely be a gift to one of the many babies that come in my life.  Having gifts on hand... wonderful.  
{Suede is the backing - making it kind of stiff for now, but I think that with use it will soften up.}
 Now to just find a baby or two to give these to.

As far as the items I mentioned in the previous post, I have made couple of the beaded Christmas tree ornaments, but so far no photos.  The other items I mentioned are gifts for others and I am going to wait to share until those people have received their gifts - hold tight you will soon see them!

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