Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My LIttle Red Cart

On Saturday, I spent the morning browsing 3 local bazaars.  At the first one, I bought a few items - new dish cloths, baby hats, and a new outfit for a baby girl (just in case).
At the 'Tasteful Decor and More' I got this steal, for $30!  When I sew, it is usually on my kitchen table {have I mentioned that my next house will have a craft room for me!}
Meaning, I haul all the stuff out of my bedroom closet, pile it on my counters and sometimes often it gets left in piles until the project is finished.  This awesome red cart has 3 metal bins that will hold my current projects, the top drawer my tools, and a work surface for laying out pieces - oh and wheels meaning it can be quickly stowed away in case of surprise company.
It is not quite large enough to fit my green cutting mat, but it provide additional workspace, which is always appreciated.

Now that you are all jealous of my great steal - what have you picked up for under $30 that has made your life happy and easier?

Have a lovely day!
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