Saturday, November 12, 2011

Craft projects

Finally I am getting around to posting my projects for last week.

First up - the baby blanket that I made.  It is of the 'rag' variety, but thinner than some, because I like them that way {try feeding a baby while sweating - NOT fun}.  Only one piece of fabric and one piece of flannel.  Still cozy and fun!

With some of the left over scraps I put together a few checkbook covers following this tutorial.  It is a great 1 hour (maybe 1.5) project.  Plus way cuter than the blue plastic ones you get free from the bank!

Finally the fabric baskets that I made {and did sell a few of!}.  I love these little projects, you can make them in so many different sizes so you can customize them for specific space.  These ones were made following this tutorial, although I cut my first square an inch too small, so I modified the rest of the tutorial to work for my 'error.'

So did you accomplish any fun crafty projects this week?  I love when I feel like I have balanced the mom, wife, cook, maid, and crafty hats that I wear!  The past couple of weeks have been a good balance for me - now to just stay on that 6" beam for a few more weeks.

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