Saturday, November 19, 2011

Busy Preparations

The next two weeks are going to be crazy busy - Shopping trip, Thanksgiving, hosting a Christmas party, all happening while I am beginning the nesting stages of this pregnancy!  Oh well, it keeps life interesting.
I just need to be on the ball for Christmas Eve in this house - I would love to have the time to revamp my decorations.  I am hoping to try making a few ornaments like this:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

It is just fun colors moving beyond the traditional colors of red and green.  Oh and I dream of a tree like this:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I had grand plans of creating an advent calendar this year,

but I have run out of time.  This is a cute idea for those stray socks, although I am not sure that I have enough Christmas-y singles.

So for the week I have to make a few more fabric baskets - thinking of trying a different pattern, make a few ornaments, relax and read a book (ha, in my dreams), finish up all my Christmas shopping - moving to the ordering stage now, so all will be delivered to me door!

Have a lovely day and happy preparations!
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