Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23: Sunday Inspiration {Take 4}

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After a week of organizing storage areas last week, I feel like have been run over by a truck - lots of work, but very rewarding!  Clearing out and cleaning my master bedroom closet created a space that makes me happy every time I look into that room - I am itching to get moving on the many crafty projects I have rattling around in my head {or to be honest pinned on my boards}.
Next week, I hope to tackle the basement spaces towards the end of the week.  Considered mostly unfinished, the basement is separated into different areas - one half is set aside for kids play: mostly sports and rough-housing.  The other half has our sauna, changing area, bathroom, mechanical room, indoor work bench area {yes we own MORE tools}, and exercise area.  This time I will be doing the organizing and pitching of tools/supplies and we'll see if I do any better in the tossing department.
Below are some photos of these types of spaces that I'd like ours to look like - we'll see how close we can come in the week ahead.

Oh the races they could have! Fun space - but we need room for hockey and other sports.

Source: None via Su on Pinterest

Indoor swing set/jungle gym - I think we need to set something like this up to get through the long winters.

Source: None via Kerry on Pinterest

Exercise area and play area all together - beautiful.

Source: None via Andrea on Pinterest

Love the tree & swing!

Source: None via Amy on Pinterest

Great set-up for our changing room - just need the materials.

Source: None via Amy on Pinterest

There is no better way to end a day - I {heart} my sauna.

This would be lovely!

Source: None via Alison on Pinterest

Yes, please {we do not have outdoor equipment in the basement, but still would be great to work in a space like this.}

I need to buy a pegboard and hooks - looking forward to a great space that we can use to by productive.

Source: None via EyeCandy on Pinterest

I hope that is enough inspiration for the week - I sure can't wait to get started on my projects.  First, the bathrooms will be tackled and address on Monday.  After that into the basement we go!
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