Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Inspiration {Take 3}

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Once again we are at a lovely relaxing Sunday.  As inspiration for the week and motivation for me, I am going to post storage spaces that I have found wonderful

I have a shoe organizer in my laundry room to catch items from pockets as well as stray winter items. It is close enough to the exit doors for the kids to look there.  Also, there is one in my master bedroom closet holding extra and miscellaneous craft supplies.

The closet in my little boys room is smaller than this, but I like this idea of layout for the space.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I just like this crafty/office space - plus much of it is dollar store merchandise - so budget friendly!

The colors in this closet appeal to me - I like the linen bins as well.

If only I had lots of money to spend - I like the 'store-ish' look of these types of closets.

These are a grand idea in theory - until one is left open... and wood stairs are scary slippery sometimes.

Source: via Jae on Pinterest

So until tomorrow when we tackle my master bedroom closet which also functions as a craft storage area, bulk food storage {I really need a pantry}, little person clothes storage, and sometimes even a nursery {although not at the moment}.  Ugh that room is a mess.

Relax for today - see you tomorrow!

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