Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9: Sunday Inspiration {Week 2}

Once again today is a non-work day in my house.  This Sunday, I would like to share books that I have in my possession related to organizing - some I have read cover to cover, others skimmed, still another began only to not finish...

Keeping House by Cindy Harris {one that I have skimmed}

Containing lists, outlines, schedules, and techniques, this book has an abundance of information - if only reading about cleaning routines and methods was not such a dry task! Once I get a bit of a handle on a semblance of a routine I would like to read through this book more thoroughly and tweak according to her suggestions.
(Wow if I knew it was worth 60ish bucks new I might have never opened it!)

File... Don't Pile! 'A Proven Filing System for Personal and Professional Use' by Pat Droff {According to amazon, I purchased this in 2008, but NEVER read a word of it}

I was hoping to find a solution to my completely hopelessness in paper work.  I have tried several methods including the one outlined in the next book I will talk about, the continuous pile method, and the ignore and tackle occasionally when you need to find a permission slip or other important document.  So I think that I will read this book in November and see how to help the simple system I currently have in place.

The House that Cleans Itself by Mindy Starns Clark {I read cover to cover and completely converted most of my home to this system about 2 years ago} (book blog)

This book was an impulse purchase in Walmart one afternoon - I loved what it did to my house.  Although it did not last, for the few spring months and into the summer life was rather blissful.  Mindy sets up systems that really can work if you keep up on the maintenance.  Included in this book there are several great tips that I still have in my home, I will share them when I come to those spaces.  As I mentioned above, I tried to use her 'Paper Two-Step,' but there were too many categories and sorting needed.  It may work for some, but overly complicated for me.  I unfortunately ended up buried in clutter and junk again after the summer - too many little kids and not enough mom to go around.  When initially beginning her program, I should have minimized many more items.  I definitely recommend her book to anyone struggling with day to day clutter - even just for some of the great tips she gives.

organize now! 'A week-by-week guide to simplify your space AND your life' by Jennifer Ford Berry

If you read this blog back in the spring then this book is familiar to you.  I was thinking that I was going to try to follow the week-by-week guide beginning back in April.  Shortly there after, I was dealing with the first few months of pregnancy, which I will not explain - those of you have been there will understand that lack of motivation.  So this is also a book that I would like to go through once I get through this 31 days project - it would be great for this household.

Making a Home by Better Homes and Gardens {sections of this book have been read in depth - others completely skipped}

I have attempted to implement suggestions in portions of this book over the past several year, but for some reason I run out of steam before I fully achieve complete control of the clutter created in this house.  I should read through this book as I work on this project, as I think that there are things in here that would help my efforts to find a place for everything and put everything in its place.

Also here is one more blog that I would like to share.  This one is a real live friend - a person that I have known for years.  AlexisAnne includes some wonderful tips in her endeavor to achieve Clean, Smart, Simple, Style!

And now I plan to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with my kids - hope you do to.

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