Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7: Master Bedroom

It felt so good today to finally tackle my bedroom.  By default the master bedroom ends up being the dumping ground for anything that does not have a place in this house - it is on the first floor and much too centrally located.
The 'before' photos are by far some of the most embarrassing for me to share.  I am rather horrified that we were actually living in this mess.

Horrifying photos of the state of my bedroom this morning.
Some of the clothes situation is somewhat excusable in my mind, as I am still in the between clothes stages of a pregnancy.  I am in more maternity than regular clothes so I did do a large switch over today as part of the sort and purge process.
The books and other clutter is not tolerable.  So I did lots of putting away and organizing of books and random miscellaneous items today.

Lovely and peaceful master bedroom - I almost cannot wait to go to bed tonight!
As I look at my furniture in all of these photos I realize that there are very few pieces that I actually love and would like to keep.  The entertainment center turned clothes armoire I do love, the small chair needs to be re-uppholstered (it was my great grandparents and I love the small size), and the trunk/bed-side table was made by my dad when I was little.  Everything else really could go!  {I even feel like that about much of the other furniture in this house - maybe I'll work on repurposing some of it so that I do love all of it, eventually}

The stack of books and basket of magazines need to be moved, but they are the items that I need to look at/read first.  I love Pinterest for helping to catalog all the things that I love from old magazines.  For some really strange reason I have a hard time just pitching a magazine, so I dog-ear pages with ideas/items/places/recipes I love or would like to try.

To do items in this room:

  • Reading lights that install directly on the bed or wall.
  • Read/sort magazines
  • Read books
I hope to eventually make a quilt for our bed as well as shams/pillows.  Hopefully this whole organizing business and reducing clutter will allow me to find more time for the things that I love rather than cleaning. I really do not mind cleaning and find it somewhat therapeutic at times, but really it has become too much.

If I get a chance later I will add photos of master bedrooms and items that I would love to have in my home.

Hope that your dreams are wonderful!

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