Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5: Toys

In this house full of kids we have toys.  Sometimes I feel like we do not have too many, but today was not one of those kind of days. As I began my task today, I knew that the toys areas were pretty much trashed.  Spending time at my ankles, the little boys normally play for hours when the toys are organized and usable.
We keep toys in a few different places in our home:

  • baby/toddler toys, Mr. Potato Heads, wooden construction set, and building blocks are housed on the living room shelves
  • cars, kitchen, books, animals, stuffed animals in the play room (loft area)
  • dolls, polly pockets, and dress-up clothes in the princess's room.
  • farm animals with the barn in the little boys' room

Completely unorganized toy area make it hard for the kids to find fun things to occupy themselves with.
I knew that today would largely be a sorting type of day.  I did sort and pitch.  In the space of an afternoon, I managed to:
  • Move a laundry basket half full of things that needed to go upstairs
  • Move a heaping basket of things that needed to come down stairs
  • Put 3 small boxes of garage sale items into the garage
  • Throw out a bag full of garbage and broken/unusable items
  • Collect a heaping laundry basket of dirty clothes

Following an afternoon of sorting and purging the toys are usable and accessible to the kids.
Now there are set places for toys in this house - the living room still holds the board books, wooden construction men set, baby/toddler toys), bristle & wooden blocks, and the Mr. Potato Heads.  The loft/play room holds more books, the cars, kitchen set, and other miscellaneous toys.  In the little boys' bedroom there was a nice little corner that perfectly fit the animals and barn.  My dear princess has her own room, therefore in there we keep her dolls, dress-up clothes, and Polly Pocket collections.

Hopefully tomorrow and Friday will be nice quiet days of kids playing blissfully in their clean toy areas.

Note to Santa:  If these kids are well behaved enough to deserve a visit from you in a few months, will you please be nice to the mother and give them useful things or just add to the collections of items that we already have.  Thanks much appreciated by the maid in this house.

I think that I am going to steal Becky Madsens' idea of the 'Ransom Rubbage Box' to help keep these areas clean.  I'll let you know how it works - she also has a great list of possible ransom ideas in that post.

source: Madsens Memories

Dream toy rooms (see below):

Source: ohdeedoh
Found on Pinterest
The following 4 photos are from the Land of Nod (one of my favorite kids sites):

So what do the toys/kid areas in your house look like?  Are the lovely and organized or are the chaotic and crazy?
Have a lovely day.

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