Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31: Vehicles

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And so you thought that today would be an 'off' day - nope.  Get out there and get those cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, or muscle cars cleaned and polished until they shine!

Out of this van came:

  • a heaping basket of laundry
  • a bag of sporting equipment
  • several plastic animal toys
  • 2 bags of trash
Rather disgusting I'd say.  

The car was also cleaned, but no photos were taken (that was to protect the innocent - or those who claim to be).
There was 2 large garbage bags taken from that car as well (it is a little Mazda 6) and a box of junk that needs to be put into their proper places.

Mine is not so shiny, but it is clean and vacuumed.

And then we went trick-or-treating! So I am sure that it still looks like this.

Thanks to those who checked in occasionally throughout this month - I appreciate it.  Please comeback and visit on occasion - you never know what might inspire you, maybe one of my projects.

Happy Halloween!

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