Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30: Sunday Inspiration {Take 5}

***Warning: very photo heavy post.***

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Winding down this project honestly feels wonderful, a large weight lifted off my shoulders but I have learned much in the past month about myself, my house, and monthly blogging projects such as this! {which I will share Nov. 1st when I recap this whole 31 days business}
As this is an inspiration post, I would like to refer all of you to my Pinterest board "Motivation for Organization," which is where I bookmark and catalog all of the great ideas I have found while perusing the web.  {Note you can view this page even without being a member, you just cannot 'pin' without being on the site.}
As far as other motivation my gears are changing to crafty thoughts - maybe even putting a few things I have into a craft bazar this coming weekend; we shall see how that all works itself out.
Below are a list of different types of projects that I would like to try in the near future, giving me material to share!  Let me know which one you'd like to join me in making - I'd love a direction.

First up, a knitting project - for my kids teachers I knit and felt wool mittens (this year I need to come up with something different for a teacher as we had her last year as well).
Photo used from laural60's etsy shop
Next, I need to make a boy AND a girl blanket before I have this baby {sometimes being surprised = more work before}.  I had a girl one saved, but I decided that I do not LOVE it, and I bought new fun fabric!  I'll just give the other one away as a gift or sell it in the craft fair... great idea.
I like this one for a boy's:

And this one for a girl:

But in all reality as my quilting skills are still in the developing stage - and still very low on the learning curve, I should just stick with this:

And then we move onto other sewing projects, Santa would like to bring these to the little kids this year... {and how do I accomplish that w/o them seeing any of it in the next month}:

And wouldn't these be fun to go with the tents?

Other things I'd like to make just because or possibly give as gifts this holiday season:
Source: via Amy on Pinterest



5. {Stocking stuffer for 2-year-old}

Christmas items I'd like to make as well...
1. I love the beads and colors on this ornament.
Source: via Amy on Pinterest



4. In funky non-traditional Christmas colors!
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

5. Advent activity calendar - not sure that this will actually happen this year...

Other things for babies:

2. I have this .pdf tutorial saved on my computer - need to make a pair of these.
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Non sewing projects:
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

2.  Cash envelope system implemented in 2012.

3. Glass pendants - could be magnets as well.

Oh the time I waste on that site...  In all reality I have made time for crafts in the past few weeks.  A clown costume, 2 bags (1 given as a gift), small quilt top finished, a cute 'baby' block started (hoping I finish that one), a sweater vest for the princess that needs the final touches (I wish I was a project finisher rather than an ADD type crafter), and 2 pairs of toddler felt wool mittens.  At some point I should post on some of these.

Happy crafting!

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