Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 3: Entryway

 Under the pretense of being more formal, I will now welcome you to my house through the entryway.  Not a 'problem' area of my house, the entryway is not a very well used space - consisting of basically of 2 hallways 4 ft wide and a larger area that the front door opens into.  A closet holds a built-in desk that is to be used for homework this school year.

left side: the closet area before organization
top right/middle: different angles of the larger area near the door
bottom middle: view of closet
bottom right: from the mudroom looking toward the front door
I knew that I wanted a few things in this space to help it function better - a shoe rack, a table or cupboard to collect papers, keys, purses, etc.  And for pure aesthetics, I would like some artwork.  I am thinking black and white photos - candids of my kids.  I picked up a shoe rack and light for the closet desk from IKEA this weekend, and I am still looking for a cupboard/table and thinking about the artwork.

left: shoe rack in the entryway
right: light installed above the desk (it slides out from the shelf above)
A launching area/entryway needs to be a very functional and non-cluttered space.  Essential items such as keys, purses, backpacks, shoes, jackets, etc. need to have places and be readily accessible.  To do this think about the needs of each family member including what gear they need to take with them and how reachable it is for that individual.  The lockers in the mudroom have lower shelves for the younger children, which means that they can get their coats without waiting for me - now if they would just put them away with out a reminder.

When I find the table and get artwork up, I will be sure to update this space.

Happy organizing (if you do not have the space for it pitch it!)
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