Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29: Mechanical Room

***Make up post from day skipped earlier in the month***
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 Finally able to make up that day from earlier this month.  This space is actually the last of the spaces inside the house that I need to attack before wrapping up this project!
Mechanical Room Before
This space has not been even looked at by me since we moved into the house, and by all indications no one else has bothered to sweep or knock sawdust off the pipes/boiler...  
After a good sweep and purge of junk it was all cleaned up.  
Mechanical Room After: The boiler and piping in this room appeals to that
Chemical Engineer in me!  Kind of intriguing to me.
 We would like to add shelves on the wall facing the boiler for the items stored under the steps and eventually convert the steps area into a fort/jungle gym area for the kids.  That is a ways off, because right now I am ready to sit at my sewing machine for a whole month!  {Not that it will actually happen, but a woman can dream right?}

Have a wonderful day!
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