Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28: Work Shop Area of Basement

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Today was by far the worst of everything I have cleaned/organized so far this month.  'Look on the work bench downstairs' has been a long standing 'joke' answer when one of us asks for a specific tool or supply. When we were building our house, I attempted at times to straighten up the work areas so that they were easier to use, but after a while it was difficult to keep up with the kids care, catering service, and cleaning.  One had to go... it was the cleaning (kids still needed supervision and the 'help' needed to eat)!
Needless to say, I am not sure that the bench has been throughly organized EVER - yes cleaned and contained, but not to the standards that I would have liked.
Ugh - no wonder very little progress has been made in the remaining few finishing up touches that need to happen in this house... I do not want to work here, would you?
So I spent and ENTIRE day as in 6+ hours down there cleaning, pitching, organizing, sweeping, pitching, and organizing.  Results:
  • Nails and screws are sorted according to type (mostly) 
  • Tools are in the tool box, 
  • Drill bits are together, 
  • Electrical supplies and plumbing supplies in drawers, 
  • Large tools in respective boxes, 
  • Finishing nailer that needs a part was left alone on the work bench, 
  • Caulk on the top shelf, nuts & bolts in their own containers,
  • Small white chair fixed,

***Note: {Insert after photo here!}  My camera was left at a friends house, so I am anxiously awaiting its arrival home.  {We are supposed to get junky weather tonight, which means my internet connection is jeopardized - gotta love satellite service...}  I will upload as soon as I am able, just be reassured that it looks much better than the above photo - makes me want to get crafty with those projects I have listed in previous posts.***

ETA: Photos Added!

There are a couple of things that need to be taken care of:
  • White dresser hauled to burn pit, 
  • Supplies for epoxy floor application returned
  • Peg board purchased for better organization of supplies and tools
I hauled out 3 boxes of junk, 1 large garbage bag, and a dilapidated cart to the 'bring to dump' trailer.  This downsizing feels so great.  Only a couple more small areas that I have to finish before EVERY room in this house has been dealt with.  I am excited to share with you all what I have learned through the whole process.  I am going to get reflective when we finish this series!

Happy purging.

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