Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27: Sauna & Changing Room

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I love my sauna!  Just not all the clutter and laundry that gets left down there on a regular basis.  A few good systems are on place, they just needed some maintenance - I have decided that the only towels left within the reach of my children are going to be the ones with their names on them.  Other wise they feel the need to take a new, clean towel every
time they bathe - that is at least 1 extra (if not 2) loads of unnecessary laundry each week.
This next room also just needed a bit of cleaning and baskets for toys.  Mostly it stays fairly orderly - the kids make a good attempt to clean it up after they are done in there.
After a bit of clearing laundry, garbage, and junk these rooms are ready to handle the heavy traffic that comes through them in the winter months.
We are going to put a drop ceiling in here to hide the venting and other plumbing.  The door on the right side of the photo leads to the very unfinished bathroom (basically holds a toilet -no sink, no drywall) that is also on the winter to do list for this house.
The small shelves are where the kids' towels belong - dirty laundry needs to go in the hamper.  On the higher shelf will be towels for our guests and the hooks can be used for non-dirty clothing or towels to dry and use again.
This photo makes it look like we have wonky benches in our sauna - in realty they are 3 that run the length of the back wall and the top on is a elongated U shape.  The left side is looking to the left of the door and the right is looking to the right of the door - the shower area is where the tiles are on the wall.
Hope you have a wonderful day!
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