Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Exercise Area of Basement

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I am itching so badly to get back down into this space on a regular basis.  No I do not love to exercise indoors, but in our climate and in my life situation this little space is where I can fit exercise into my life.  Last winter went by SO fast as I worked my way through the Insanity program, losing 25+ pounds and gaining so much muscle definition it was unreal!  {Seriously I could sell that program I believe in it that much} 
Although in my current state, exercising of the Insanity or Jillian Michaels type of impact is out of the question - maybe I could do yoga, but I do not have any experience of knowledge of that form of exercise.  I digress.... 

This little area was not all that cluttered, but there was no place for equipment, towels, water bottles, etc.  And let me tell you, those items are needed especially when Shaun T is leading your exercise.  Anyway, I moved a set of (cheap) shelves that were just in the way on the other side of the basement - perfect solution for keeping gear together, off the floor, and away from the toddlers.  It also happens to be a good place for my extra plastic cups.

Note: The drywall stacked against the wall here will hopefully be hung to cover the lovely blue foam on the right side and a couple of other areas in the basement that need it.

I hope that if you can get in a bit of exercise, please do a bit for me!  I will join you in a couple of months.  Have a happy day!

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