Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 24: Bathrooms

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The lovely job of cleaning the bathroom - with 4 young boys it is often a mess - {Why can't they seem to consistently hit the water? - oh they can hit the toilet: sides, seat, back, etc}.  The before photos of the bathrooms were very anti-climatic, so I am not sharing.  Standards of cleanliness were actually upheld in these rooms on a regular basis - cleaned at least once (if not twice) a week.  The cupboards were not organized, but they are now {well... kind of}.  

The main bathroom cupboard holds extra soaps, shampoos, hair clippers, toilet paper.  The drawer on the left contains the hair trimmings for our little lady - feels good to move that from my bedroom.  The right holds toothpaste and extra (clean) tooth brushes.  Awesome to have 'things' that belong in the drawers and cupboard.

Finding a medicine cabinet is on my list of things to do in this room - it is also the first room in this house that I would like to redecorate - not that it is really decorated currently.  I am stuck on a grey, yellow, and white color scheme, but I am not finding a shower curtain... Maybe I'll find fabric and make something gorgeous!

This bathroom is not a place that I spend a significant amount of time - the kids brush their teeth here before bed {they use the main bathroom in the morning before school}, so often it is a mess - kids, tooth paste, not much supervision....
The cupboard in this place was and is still relatively empty - or is full of toilet paper.  An industrial size package of Scott toilet paper was purchased from Costco - I do not think that we will run out of TP until next summer!  So the bottom 2 left side drawers have TP as well as the left side of the cupboard...  This is because there was nothing in those spaces and for lack of better space the rolls fit well in those areas.  As our children grow, requiring more than your basic items in the bathroom those areas will be filled.  The right side of the cupboard contains extra towels for our random but frequent visitors.

In this room I would like to find a cupboard to fill the 'dead' space and turn into a linen closet - moving sheets out of the hall storage closet.  Otherwise there is talk of remodeling the Princess' closet into a larger area... we'll see what actually happens.

Have a lovely day!

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