Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21: Princess' Bedroom Closet

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This closet ended up being some 'dead' space in our floor plan that we kept as closet space - great for storage.  Prior to cleaning it out I am not really sure what all was being stored in there - when we had something that I knew I did not want to through out, but did not NEED in the main area of the house, into the closet it would go.  Occasionally I have family member that need to store things in this area - and the end up in my closets and garage - one of these days I am going to get those things all emptied out of here!  So needless to say there was a very random assortment of things in this space.  

Add to it the fact that the kids also liked to play in this area and dig through the chaos carefully organized boxes turning things completely upside down.  Creating order and organization took 1 bag of garbage, a box for resale/rummage sale/donation, and some time to go through each box.

Currently the items that are stored in this room:
  • Kids papers from school (cool drawings, nice papers, and report cards)
  • Baby gear: cradle, bumbo, newborn clothes, baby girl clothes, infant car seat, baptism gown
  • Next size clothes for our princess
  • Her dress clothes
  • Some toys that she can play with in a couple of years.
  • Extra mattress (for our frequent, but random, out of town company)

I would eventually like to add a shelving system to this space, which would provide better organization, but on my list of priorities it is currently close to the bottom.  Many of these items will soon be moved and put to use for a while in our lives {happiness}, so for now this project can wait a while.

Have a wonderful day!  
{See you tomorrow in the GARAGE - this is worth 2 days of post so I think that it will be my make up post day tomorrow.}
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