Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20: Garage {Upstairs Storage}

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 The garage - cue the scary, creepy music... {there will be many days in this 'room'/building/space}
I did not take before photos of this space, but believe me it was atrocious!  One Saturday it was absolutely beautiful, so I rounded up the troops and started from window working our way to the stair.  Initially we just cleaned and created space for items to be moved around as needed.  There are several furniture items that I am not sure belong in our house, so I am possibly going to put them in our garage sale (beginning of spring next year - I just hope we get a great turn out with our far from town location and LONG driveway).
This space was purged of a utility trailer worth of junk.  I threw out almost all of my college education - well just the papers/labs/exams/stuff that I complete on my way to earning a piece of paper that hangs above my desk!  It felt strange to rid myself of those items, like I was throwing out part of my brain, because goodness know I could not pass a controls or thermo or transport exam at this point in my life.  The papers and folders were proof that once upon a time I had what it took to be an engineer... Now, I could ace a test consisting of multi-tasking mamma duties.  I enjoy what I do right now, and I am thankful that I am not longing to be on a career path, but content with my babies and creative outlets.
Wow - off on a tangent, but anyway we pulled out boxes and went through things that had not been opened since we moved into this house 4+ years previously.  I know that most people would have told me to just get rid of it, but there were things that I knew were in some of the boxes - sentimental items that I did not yet want to part with.  I am thankful that we did not, because some items have found homes in my home and they make me happier by being a part of my life!
Storage area in the upstairs of our garage
These photos were actually taken a few weeks later - some of the summer items are finding there winter homes in this space, there are also items that do not belong to us that need to be removed at some point by their owners, until then I will just be patient as they really do not affect my daily life at all!
I keep Christmas decorations, other holiday items, camping gear, seasonal sporting goods, miscellaneous furniture, and garage sale items in this space (I am sure that I am forgetting some things, but I do know what is in these boxes, instead of wondering)

Here are a couple of garage spaces that inspire me to get a move on (in the lower portion soon):
Someday, I will be this good!

I really think that I could even manage this solution to that problem.... on the to do list!

Have a wonderful day - what does your garage/outside storage look like? Better than mine?
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