Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2: Sunday Inspiration

Sundays in our house mean relaxing and family time, so there will be none of my organizing antics on these days.  Instead, I am going to share with you blogs, books, and pictures that keep me inspired on my quest to become more efficient and organized so that I can enjoy life as a momma to my kids.

So I will start with blogs that I have been hopping lately:

Joshua Becker at Becoming Minimalist was my first encounter with an actual minimalist - the idea has existed I know, but I never actually believed that people chose to live that way.  He provides interesting articles on downsizing not only your household, but also your mental load.  {Note: I am not sure that I could become a complete minimalist, as this house is ever growing and therefore sometimes keeping outgrown clothing, infant gear, sporting goods, etc. is necessary for our budgetary constraints}

Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie has practical advice to the organizationally challenged - small steps to move forward in your quest to organize your life.

Josh has teamed up with Laura on Organizing Your Way, which is a site that has helpful articles on practical matters around the house.  Free printables to create your own household binder (mine is coming up in a post this month).

Aby at Simplify 101 has many different facets on her webpage - workshops, downloads, blog, and routines that would help even the novice know how to put things in the proper place.

Jen at iHeart Organizing has some great ideas for mommas of kids.  Her binder list helped to form a huge part of my binder.  The home office that she created is awesome - go check out her blog and be inspired!

Becki at Madsens' Memories - all I can say is that I think I'd like to meet her someday!  We have very similar lives, 6 kids running through our homes, husbands whom we love, a love of running, and a desire to be in control of all the chaos.  I think she does a better job of managing it than I do, but I am trying and making some progress!

Martha Stewart always has lists, ideas, and resources for those feeling completely lost!

So these are a start - I have several other places that I check regularly that I will share as we go along this journey.  Have a happy Sunday afternoon!

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