Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 19: Storage Closet

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Oh the junk that we have - and so much of it just shoved into places that it does not belong.  The door to this closet is usually not closed, you see when it is clean, my dear, lovely, little curtain climbers like to set up shop/house/forts/anything in this space. It must feel cozy and safe because all manner of items are often found in here.  It may not help that situation because this is where I store our extra bedding (I know in the minimalist life style that I long for I should not have extra bedding... BUT we often have several out of town guests and company, so it is necessary that I keep these items)

Initial feelings evoked: UGGGH, I really should find the floor in here so that I can find the sheets/blankets/mattress pads/pillows that I need. 
Click any photo to view it larger.  Please excuse the 'meshing of these photos - I am a photoshop beginner...
Being very small quarters, I was forced to clear most items completely out of this room before trying to establish any sort of order.  It was a morning project; much shorter than I had anticipated.  I even ended up with an empty shelf and lots of wall space for new shelves along the left side of the closet (Surely I will find things that need to go in there as I continue through the remaining areas of my house).

Left side is very empty - sheets are stored in the shelves on the left, empty areas to be used soon.
Right side shelves contain (top to bottom): Large occasionally used baking bowls; old photos, boxes for each kid, books; toys; extra bedding set, pillows, sleeping bags
I rotate toys in and out of my toy areas - the Little People collection is currently put away.  I usually keep the Duplo (Lego) blocks and Little People separate.  The cars are always out - in a house full of boys I have a hard time putting them away.  It is fun to see the kids when you take toys out of exile after a couple/six-ish months - like Christmas morning, many 'new' toys to play with.

I wonder how long until those little people in my life discover how wonderfully clean this room is... we shall see.

Happy organizing!  {My life is really feeling like there is some order to it *happiness*}
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