Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 18: Master Bedroom Closet

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What a job... This little room had more junk and things in it than any other room in this house so far (including the disastrous master bedroom from a couple of weeks ago)!  Finishing this room makes me want to dig into all the fun crafty things - I have projects floating around in my head, and they want to come tumbling out... know the feeling?  Basically I am just like my kids - a clean room is really meant to be messed, right?  NO... oh shoot, tomorrow I will move to the closets upstairs (and they need it just as badly as this one did!)

Master Bedroom Closet
That above photo evokes all kinds of negative feelings: creative block, utter chaos, junk, a need to pitch, disappointment, frustration, etc.  Housing many items, this room provides several functions for me - my sewing supplies are stored in the cubbies and on the 'work surface' (not sure that anyone could find space on that surface for the past several months), my yarn is in the back corner covered by the clothes, of course our hanging clothes need a place and they are in here, my babies clothes are kept in here, extra gifts and gift wrapping, as well as clothes that I do not currently fit into.
It was a literal obstacle course anytime I was looking for anything in this room, which is frequently.  Being a centrally located room on the first floor of this house is both an asset and a detriment - it provides and easy place to 'dump' anything that anyone is unsure of where it belongs; by the end of this month we should not have those types of objects in our house.

Out of this room came a bag of garbage, several items for the garage sale, a box of items that belong elsewhere in this house.

Master Bedroom Closet

The above photo has text included to help indicate where things belong in this room - I continue to be amazed at how large these rooms seem once they are de-cluttered, straightened, and organized.

Oh my mind is itching and so are my fingers, but I have to wait until Friday when Chartreuse comes to visit for our {hopefully} weekly crafting day!

How is your project coming along?
Have a great day!

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