Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 13: Kitchen {counters & dining area}

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So, the kitchen needed 3 days worth of posts - it is the most used room in our house and probably next to the storage spaces contains the most items that need places.

The before photos look a bit chaotic, but cut me some slack as I just finished getting 4 kids out the door for school -packing lunches, breakfasts, paperwork, etc.  I 'think' that I was even still in my PJs.

Before - kitchen counters - a constant battle in my life.
Yup cereal boxes still on the table (check the clock - it is not even 9am yet)

Even though the clock says well after 5pm, it did not take me this long to clean this space up, in fact we left the house this morning for story time at the library and did not arrive home until after 3pm.  So I straightened and made supper at the same time (I love multi-tasking).
Dining area after
Kitchen area after (yup that's supper on the stove!) 

With some help after supper the counters still look much like this - oh happy day when I go to bed with a clean kitchen {I hope to accomplish this regularly with this organizing overhaul}!

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