Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12: Kitchen {Lower Cabinets & Drawers}

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While buzzing through this task today, I did not take photos of every single area I cleaned, because to be honest some of them just needed a bit of straightening and not worthy of a before and after photo shoot!

This cupboard faces the living room making it an ideal place to store diapers wipes and all baby items. 
When we first moved into the house 4 years ago, we had over-night company within the first week (just my mom and sister).  So, I attempted to get a few things unpacked before they came for a couple of nights - the diaper supplies ended up in this cupboard and they were never moved!  One of those impulse placements that has worked awesome for this family.  {Note: I do think that I could use a shelf in here, don't you?}

First Aid Drawer
Not sure why the electronic devices are being stored in here - they were moved to their proper location (my desk - not sure if that makes sense either, but trial and error is the method I am going with).  Now hopefully the littles will be able to find the finger nail clippers when we need them!

Junk Drawer - top: before, bottom: after!
I HATE (very strong emotion here) these kind of drawers - I fear that every one will turn into this kind of mess.  But alas the man of the house insists that they are necessary and would be rather upset if I eliminated his space in my kitchen - not meaning that he is the only person who uses the items in this drawer, but just that he is semi-possessive of this space!  Much of what you see here was moved to the 'work bench' in the basement {another dreaded task coming later this month - ugh}.

Finally, under the sink - all the junk that has to be kept in the kitchen because it is used on a regular basis... I really would like to put one of those tension rods in here to hang some of the spray bottles (a great idea seen on pinterest).  

Lessons learned from the kitchen cabinets:
  • A little maintenance goes a long way
  • Take the time to put things where they belong because in the long run it will save me much more time.
  • Most locations make sense for the functioning of our family
  • I even have a large amount of space in one of the bottom cupboards if the need arises to put something there!
  • Cleaning it out was not as daunting of a task as I had anticipated
  • A clean kitchen functions much better
  • Trial and error for item location is not a bad way to approach initial set up!
So how do your cupboards look?  Are they as nicely organized as mine currently are?  Work with me in trying to take the extra 30 seconds to properly put items away rather than just stacking and shoving to 'save' time!  {how do you get your kids on board for that last one?}

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