Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11: Kitchen {Upper Cabinets}

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I so, so dreaded this room before this month even began.  As the control center of this house, the kitchen never seems to stay clean for very long.  When I begin my day thinking that I am going to tackle this room it always ends up being an all day task - not sure how I can change that.
But to be honest this task did not take nearly as long as I thought it was going to, perhaps because I have broken it down into doable chunks or maybe because my friend, Chartreuse helped me throughly clean my kitchen in the spring.  Todays focus is the upper cabinets.  

 I began with the dishes cupboard.  Baby bottles taking up valuable room - my baby is currently 2, and has not had a bottle in months; they were moved to storage.  Other items were also assessed for usefulness - I ended up having room to move a couple of jars off the counter and into the cupboard.  The {completely useless} garage also got a good cleaning, becoming slightly more useful.  Note: I say useless because toasters and most smallish appliances do not fit in there as I had thought when we designed the kitchen.

My baking cupboard was in need of some organizing - but functions well for the amount of baking/cooking that happens in this kitchen.  At least 3 or 4 times a week I have some type of bakery or bread brewing!

One of the biggest regrets I have in the overall design of this house is that I did not insist that a large baking pantry be included in the kitchen.  Often one of the other reasons that I consider remodeling this whole 1st level...  Not that I am unthankful for what I do have, because there are several things that I did 'get' in this house!

Above the stove is this small rather awkward cupboard that it kind of hard to reach.  Into I keep party supplies, my apple peeler/corer/slicer, a corded phone (for when the power goes out), and kids art supplies.  After this cleaning it feels much more useful because it actually has a decent amount of 'things' inside.

Opened several times every day, the next cupboard is one that holds vitamins, medicines, candles, CDs, Miscellaneous household items, phones books, etc.  Often this space is hard to maintain due to the high number of frequently used items located here.  I need to remember to take the extra 30 seconds (or less) that it actually takes to put things in their place!
We will chat about that 'Household Control Panel' in a later post

I forgot to take a before photo of this cupboard, but there was only a small amount of moving items.  Holding my extra chips, cereal, baking supplies, and paper goods it stays relatively clean most days.

Going back to my 'psychological issue' with putting things into places without being sure if that is where they belong, I have not had that problem in my kitchen.  When I feel that something is located in a nonsensical place I just rearrange and move it around until life seems to flow properly.  I have to remember that this rearranging and rethinking are not traumatic events and take a leap in the other spaces of my life.  Stacks and piles are NOT attractive to look at or live around.

Have a lovely day - bake up some yummy cookies for me today {my mixer busted last week so we are doing without for a while}!

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