Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10: Master Bathroom

For some odd reason I did not take photos of this room and currently I am too lazy to get up and take them in the dark with yucky flashy stuff going on.  Not that my photos are anywhere near professional quality, but still...

So you'll have to stick with wordiness tonight.  In my journal I did document the feeling that this room initially evoked and they were: claustrophobically small and very cluttered.  I am not a big product user - I have the Arbonne face washer, toner, and eye cream that I purchased from a party at least 3 years ago.  I use them once in a while.  There were also many other unused products cluttering up the very little shelf above the sink.

I pitched, purged, and organized to fit the things that we do use on a regular basis - resulting in a much more clean and less cluttered space in the bathroom.

As part of this I also cleaned out the dry sink/cabinet that sits outside the bathroom in our master bedroom.  Measuring approximately 10'x3' with a small bump out for the sink, the actual bathroom is very small, so I have have much of the hair supplies that I need in the cabinet - it is located much to close to the entrance of our bedroom and that cabinet becomes a dropping point for much too much junk and miscellaneous items that we have in this house.  Purging, pitching, and organizing happened in that space as well.

Now the bathroom needs a medicine cabinet/small shelf system for extra storage, but otherwise it is beautiful and lovely - still small, but short of blowing out walls I will have to live with it.

{Honestly there are days that I would like to remodel this whole first floor - but for now I will contain that urge}

Here are photos of bathrooms that I love!

Source: Spaced Interior Design Ideas -  Love the sinks and wall mounted faucets

Source: StyleCrave not sure if it is just the awesome tub or the awesome view!
Source: SuzieBeezie - I like the white and the dark tile contrast - plus a claw foot tub (love)

Source: Fun tub and XL mirror

Source: freshhome Love the modern lines, sink, counters, etc.

Source: freshhome Wow - what a great tub!

Source: freshhome - love the rusticness and fire in this bathroom!

There are several more in several other places - dreams are free!
Enjoy your day
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