Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1: Mudroom

As I was trying to organize my thoughts and outline how I wanted to begin this month of organizing, blogging, and finding a balance in my life, I was unsure of how to approach each section of my house.  So I decided that I would initially begin the touring as I would if someone were actually physically entering my house.  Today we will assume that you are my good friend, because 'guests' come in through the front door.  But you are allowed entry through the mudroom (that means that you must pass through the garage, and I have not yet gotten to that part of this project - so hold judgement)!
So dig in and get your Saturday cleaning clothes on, we are cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering the mudroom today!

My initial feelings as I began this room:

  • complete disorganization
  • not sure what belongs where (this is an ongoing theme this month - more psychological on my part).
  • generally functions okay when set up for the season
What I needed: labeled/inventoried storage, cubbies that make sense, lockers emptied of junk/garbage.

In the end, I made inventory lists for the storage boxes that are in this room as well as the ones I took out of this room - excel sheets that list the item, size, color, condition.  Each person has a locker with space for back packs, jackets, {hats & mittens - it is getting to be that time of year}, and boots.  For overflow of shoes and other items, we each have our own cubby, including Dad & Mom!  The bench holds our extra duffle and overnight bags.  The hooks behind the door hold company jackets, pop cans that need to be returned, and wet items.

What I dream of...  
... Wooden lockers ~18" wide with hooks for jackets and bags, two shelves above to rotate seasonal items, a shelf below for shoes and a place to dry wet boots for each person - so lining each wall...  If only there was no such thing as a budget!  
See below for inspirational photos for my 'someday' mudroom:


This is the ultimate mudroom actually a ski chalet locker area.  I am in love!
{You can see the rest of the gorgeous house here}

This is more of what I am picturing in our house - but not painted white and not wicker baskets.
{I found this photo here}
Helpful tips in keeping your mudroom operating smoothly:
  • Do seasonal re-organizing {for me this is twice a year: fall - brings our hats, mittens, snow gear, skates.  spring - brings our suits, towels, sand gear}
  • Give a child the job of 'policing' the area - they do not have to do all the work, but are in charge of finding the dirty party and directing them to clean up the mess.
  • Labels - so that you know what is in the overhead storage boxes.
So how did you get on?  Let me know of your progress for this area of your house.
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