Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 25: Kids' Side of Basement

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The kids side of the basement is a hard working area of this house - it is used for all sorts of games and sporting events.
It has been a very long time since I have personally tackled this space - it is often one of those areas that can be taken care of by the kids for their weekend jobs.  As frequently happens then it is out of sight out of mind - just not a huge priority on my weekly cleaning routine.  In the upper left of the photo below is a large box that was full of junk sports equipment - some was kept and others were thrown out.  I took 2 kitchen sized garbage bags out of here, a box of junk and moved a half full garbage to tomorrows area.
The shelves above that box are too high to be overly useful - seasonal items maybe, but most of that is stored in the garage - I will use as I see a need.

The basement stove is used only on the coldest windiest days in the winter when our living room stove cannot keep up - we need to get something other than the lovely insulation behind the stove to keep the drywall from getting too hot.  The white shelves to the right of the stove are empty, the could be used for hockey helmets, gloves, etc. this winter - I will see where we need that item or put it in the rummage sale in spring.
Our oldest hauled his hockey gear back down there today after practice and was impressed - 'Whoever cleaned down there did a great job!'  Hooray I am glad that he can actually see a difference!
Now to just get their cleaning abilities up to the standards that I would like to have in this house... Oh well they are just kids.
I hope they enjoy using this space.

Enjoy your day!
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