Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31: Vehicles

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And so you thought that today would be an 'off' day - nope.  Get out there and get those cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, or muscle cars cleaned and polished until they shine!

Out of this van came:

  • a heaping basket of laundry
  • a bag of sporting equipment
  • several plastic animal toys
  • 2 bags of trash
Rather disgusting I'd say.  

The car was also cleaned, but no photos were taken (that was to protect the innocent - or those who claim to be).
There was 2 large garbage bags taken from that car as well (it is a little Mazda 6) and a box of junk that needs to be put into their proper places.

Mine is not so shiny, but it is clean and vacuumed.

And then we went trick-or-treating! So I am sure that it still looks like this.

Thanks to those who checked in occasionally throughout this month - I appreciate it.  Please comeback and visit on occasion - you never know what might inspire you, maybe one of my projects.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30: Sunday Inspiration {Take 5}

***Warning: very photo heavy post.***

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Winding down this project honestly feels wonderful, a large weight lifted off my shoulders but I have learned much in the past month about myself, my house, and monthly blogging projects such as this! {which I will share Nov. 1st when I recap this whole 31 days business}
As this is an inspiration post, I would like to refer all of you to my Pinterest board "Motivation for Organization," which is where I bookmark and catalog all of the great ideas I have found while perusing the web.  {Note you can view this page even without being a member, you just cannot 'pin' without being on the site.}
As far as other motivation my gears are changing to crafty thoughts - maybe even putting a few things I have into a craft bazar this coming weekend; we shall see how that all works itself out.
Below are a list of different types of projects that I would like to try in the near future, giving me material to share!  Let me know which one you'd like to join me in making - I'd love a direction.

First up, a knitting project - for my kids teachers I knit and felt wool mittens (this year I need to come up with something different for a teacher as we had her last year as well).
Photo used from laural60's etsy shop
Next, I need to make a boy AND a girl blanket before I have this baby {sometimes being surprised = more work before}.  I had a girl one saved, but I decided that I do not LOVE it, and I bought new fun fabric!  I'll just give the other one away as a gift or sell it in the craft fair... great idea.
I like this one for a boy's:

And this one for a girl:

But in all reality as my quilting skills are still in the developing stage - and still very low on the learning curve, I should just stick with this:

And then we move onto other sewing projects, Santa would like to bring these to the little kids this year... {and how do I accomplish that w/o them seeing any of it in the next month}:

And wouldn't these be fun to go with the tents?

Other things I'd like to make just because or possibly give as gifts this holiday season:
Source: via Amy on Pinterest



5. {Stocking stuffer for 2-year-old}

Christmas items I'd like to make as well...
1. I love the beads and colors on this ornament.
Source: via Amy on Pinterest



4. In funky non-traditional Christmas colors!
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

5. Advent activity calendar - not sure that this will actually happen this year...

Other things for babies:

2. I have this .pdf tutorial saved on my computer - need to make a pair of these.
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Non sewing projects:
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

2.  Cash envelope system implemented in 2012.

3. Glass pendants - could be magnets as well.

Oh the time I waste on that site...  In all reality I have made time for crafts in the past few weeks.  A clown costume, 2 bags (1 given as a gift), small quilt top finished, a cute 'baby' block started (hoping I finish that one), a sweater vest for the princess that needs the final touches (I wish I was a project finisher rather than an ADD type crafter), and 2 pairs of toddler felt wool mittens.  At some point I should post on some of these.

Happy crafting!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29: Mechanical Room

***Make up post from day skipped earlier in the month***
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 Finally able to make up that day from earlier this month.  This space is actually the last of the spaces inside the house that I need to attack before wrapping up this project!
Mechanical Room Before
This space has not been even looked at by me since we moved into the house, and by all indications no one else has bothered to sweep or knock sawdust off the pipes/boiler...  
After a good sweep and purge of junk it was all cleaned up.  
Mechanical Room After: The boiler and piping in this room appeals to that
Chemical Engineer in me!  Kind of intriguing to me.
 We would like to add shelves on the wall facing the boiler for the items stored under the steps and eventually convert the steps area into a fort/jungle gym area for the kids.  That is a ways off, because right now I am ready to sit at my sewing machine for a whole month!  {Not that it will actually happen, but a woman can dream right?}

Have a wonderful day!

Day 29: Under Steps Storage Area {Basement}

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Under Steps Storage Before
Today consisted of cleaning up and clearing out junk from the space under the steps - it is supposed to be the 'paint station' in the house, but has clearly been over taken by other items.
From this space, I cleared out 2.5 bags of trash, a box of junk for resale, and a pile of things that belong elsewhere.  Those things make me smile.
Under steps storage After!
I am loving the organization that I have found in this house in the past month - awesome to feel in control and ready to crank out some fun crafty projects for storage, gifts, and just for fun!
Different Angle of shelves (awkward place for photos).
Hope that your Saturday is productive, mine sure was!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28: Work Shop Area of Basement

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Today was by far the worst of everything I have cleaned/organized so far this month.  'Look on the work bench downstairs' has been a long standing 'joke' answer when one of us asks for a specific tool or supply. When we were building our house, I attempted at times to straighten up the work areas so that they were easier to use, but after a while it was difficult to keep up with the kids care, catering service, and cleaning.  One had to go... it was the cleaning (kids still needed supervision and the 'help' needed to eat)!
Needless to say, I am not sure that the bench has been throughly organized EVER - yes cleaned and contained, but not to the standards that I would have liked.
Ugh - no wonder very little progress has been made in the remaining few finishing up touches that need to happen in this house... I do not want to work here, would you?
So I spent and ENTIRE day as in 6+ hours down there cleaning, pitching, organizing, sweeping, pitching, and organizing.  Results:
  • Nails and screws are sorted according to type (mostly) 
  • Tools are in the tool box, 
  • Drill bits are together, 
  • Electrical supplies and plumbing supplies in drawers, 
  • Large tools in respective boxes, 
  • Finishing nailer that needs a part was left alone on the work bench, 
  • Caulk on the top shelf, nuts & bolts in their own containers,
  • Small white chair fixed,

***Note: {Insert after photo here!}  My camera was left at a friends house, so I am anxiously awaiting its arrival home.  {We are supposed to get junky weather tonight, which means my internet connection is jeopardized - gotta love satellite service...}  I will upload as soon as I am able, just be reassured that it looks much better than the above photo - makes me want to get crafty with those projects I have listed in previous posts.***

ETA: Photos Added!

There are a couple of things that need to be taken care of:
  • White dresser hauled to burn pit, 
  • Supplies for epoxy floor application returned
  • Peg board purchased for better organization of supplies and tools
I hauled out 3 boxes of junk, 1 large garbage bag, and a dilapidated cart to the 'bring to dump' trailer.  This downsizing feels so great.  Only a couple more small areas that I have to finish before EVERY room in this house has been dealt with.  I am excited to share with you all what I have learned through the whole process.  I am going to get reflective when we finish this series!

Happy purging.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27: Sauna & Changing Room

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I love my sauna!  Just not all the clutter and laundry that gets left down there on a regular basis.  A few good systems are on place, they just needed some maintenance - I have decided that the only towels left within the reach of my children are going to be the ones with their names on them.  Other wise they feel the need to take a new, clean towel every
time they bathe - that is at least 1 extra (if not 2) loads of unnecessary laundry each week.
This next room also just needed a bit of cleaning and baskets for toys.  Mostly it stays fairly orderly - the kids make a good attempt to clean it up after they are done in there.
After a bit of clearing laundry, garbage, and junk these rooms are ready to handle the heavy traffic that comes through them in the winter months.
We are going to put a drop ceiling in here to hide the venting and other plumbing.  The door on the right side of the photo leads to the very unfinished bathroom (basically holds a toilet -no sink, no drywall) that is also on the winter to do list for this house.
The small shelves are where the kids' towels belong - dirty laundry needs to go in the hamper.  On the higher shelf will be towels for our guests and the hooks can be used for non-dirty clothing or towels to dry and use again.
This photo makes it look like we have wonky benches in our sauna - in realty they are 3 that run the length of the back wall and the top on is a elongated U shape.  The left side is looking to the left of the door and the right is looking to the right of the door - the shower area is where the tiles are on the wall.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26: Exercise Area of Basement

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I am itching so badly to get back down into this space on a regular basis.  No I do not love to exercise indoors, but in our climate and in my life situation this little space is where I can fit exercise into my life.  Last winter went by SO fast as I worked my way through the Insanity program, losing 25+ pounds and gaining so much muscle definition it was unreal!  {Seriously I could sell that program I believe in it that much} 
Although in my current state, exercising of the Insanity or Jillian Michaels type of impact is out of the question - maybe I could do yoga, but I do not have any experience of knowledge of that form of exercise.  I digress.... 

This little area was not all that cluttered, but there was no place for equipment, towels, water bottles, etc.  And let me tell you, those items are needed especially when Shaun T is leading your exercise.  Anyway, I moved a set of (cheap) shelves that were just in the way on the other side of the basement - perfect solution for keeping gear together, off the floor, and away from the toddlers.  It also happens to be a good place for my extra plastic cups.

Note: The drywall stacked against the wall here will hopefully be hung to cover the lovely blue foam on the right side and a couple of other areas in the basement that need it.

I hope that if you can get in a bit of exercise, please do a bit for me!  I will join you in a couple of months.  Have a happy day!

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