Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coming in October

{eta: Read each day as listed below or continue to read the set-up to this challenge}

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Day 1: Mudroom
Day 2: Sunday Inspiration #1
Day 3: Entryway
Day 4: Laundry Room
Day 5: Toys
Day 6: Technology Tickets
Day 7: Master Bedroom
Day 8: Office
Day 9: Sunday Inspiration {Week 2}
Day 10: Master Bathroom
Day 11: Kitchen {Upper Cabinets}
Day 12: Kitchen {Lower Cabinets & Drawers}
Day 13: Kitchen {Counters & Dining Area}
Day 14: Control Panel
Day 15: Maintenance Day
Day 16: Sunday Inspiration {Take 3}
Day 17: Postponed (due to out of town company!) {I will tackle and post on 2 rooms to make up for the slip before the end of the month}
Day 18: Master Bedroom Closet
Day 19: Storage Closet
Day 20: Garage {Upstairs Storage Area}
Day 21: Princess' Bedroom Closet
Day 22: Garage {Main Level}
Day 23: Sunday Inspiration {Take 4}
Day 24: Bathrooms
Day 25: Kids' Side of the Basement
Day 26: Exercise Area of Basement
Day 27: Sauna & Changing Room
Day 28: Work Shop Area of Basement
Day 29: Under Steps Storage (Basement)
Day 29: Mechanical Room
Day 30: Sunday Inspiration {Take 5}
Day 31: Vehicles

Well, this blog was initially started as a place for me to keep track of my crafting endeavors, but in the past few months CHOAS has taken over.  Slowly at first, but now reigns as dictator.  One little me is going to wage a revolution... organizational systems are going to be implemented, junk/clutter is going to be purged, time is going to be managed, and I am going to come out on the other side with a great attitude, more time, and never-ending patience!
I am not and expert in organizing and in fact actually really stink at it I am going to go on a journey through the month of October.  I am joining Darcy from My 3 Boy Barbarians in her 31 days project.
{eta: and the Nester among many others!}
My plan is to go through each area of our house, taking before (even if they are embarrassing) and after photos.  The after photos may not reflect my exact DREAM of what should be in the spaces, so I will include ideas for future.  As the month goes on I will share how the changes functioned in my home.  My hope is that the after photos will be inspirational for other who struggle to keep their lives organized.
I introduce to you:

I have begun some of the process already, and I am keeping a journal of the process.  Join me for the sweat, tears, laughter, and ORGANIZATION during the month of October!

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