Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Crazy that summer is zooming by and I have done very little in the way of crafting this summer, but such is life.  I know that the urge and inspiration will be back in full force in the fall.  Until then I am enjoying looking around online and cataloging all of my fun finds in my Pinterest boards.  Click on the side button and you can follow me on Pinterest if you are interested to see what has caught my eye around this world wide web!

Chicken update:
Of the 8 laying hens I got - 7 are still living (we lost one a couple of weeks ago to over-heating), BUT one is a rooster.  So that means 6 laying hens will hopefully give me an egg a day.  Perfect, because as of right now I do not really want to sell them, but keep them for my own use!  It is interesting to observe the pecking order that has been established in the brood.  I have to say that I am really enjoying these chickens, even the cleaning out of the coop was not THAT bad!

26 Meat chickens arrived the beginning of June (I bought them from the Freedom Ranger Hatchery), but we are down to 20ish of them due too a few different incidents.  I am not sure that I would do this meat thing again or not, but I will wait to decide after we taste the chicken.  If we do we would definitely order from the same place as these birds are much cuter than the white broiler chickens that I have seen elsewhere - plus it was a great transaction.  Just a bigger job than I thought I was in for.
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