Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Chickens!

Oh boy, I am not too sure what I got myself into.  I took home 8 baby chickens today from my Auntie.  So... I have never had chickens, never lived on or close to a farm, but still decided that I wanted chickens this year.
When my lovely other half told me that he thought that I was going a little nuts (especially when I informed him that there are 25 'meat chicks' coming in a month), I asked him what he expected when he moved me out to the middle of nowhere and on 40 acres of land to fill up!
The kids spent the better part of an hour deciding which chick belonged to who and then proceeding to give a play-by-play to any that would listen!

Currently they are being housed in a plastic tub on my counter with a clamp light providing the heat.  Seems like they are doing great so far, but what do I know I am just a city girl learning to live out in the sticks.  They are really cute right now, but I am thinking that the current arrangement is going to get a bit close in a week or so (not to mention the smell).  For now it is a fun science experiment for the kids.  And a good motivator to get a coop set up and ready to go (not to mention the next batch that is coming soon)!

But farm fresh eggs this fall - Just Lovely!
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