Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Dress

This week I put together an Easter Dress for my princess!  I can remember my mom making dresses for my sisters and I; in some ways it feels like life has come full circle.  The dress my mother used to make were much more intricate than the dress I made.  You know with puffed sleeves, smocking, lacy, and collars (the kind that look like doilies)!
Still the little girl is happy and excited that I made something for her!

This is a pattern I picked up from a garage sale!

Plus I guess that I am not really into puffed sleeves and lacy things!  So this dress fits my style just as the dresses from my youth fit my mother's preferences.  We'll see someday what she makes for her own girls!

I love this pose, because I told her to fling her arms out (loosely) and pose.  She looks pretty stiff to me, but when you are 5ish you can get away with that!

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Happy Easter!

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